Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hindi Keyboard for iphone

Available in Cydia Now

Hindi keyboard add-on for the iKeyEx keyboard extender.

An intuitive and easy to use Hindi Keyboard.

1. The characters are placed in alternate fashion in two layouts which can be toggled using shift key, e.g., pressing shift will convert 'ka' to 'kha'; 'ga' to 'gha' and so on.
2. Special characters and numbers can be accessed using 123 key.
3. For typing half-letters, type the letter you want followed by the 'halant' (on the back of 'a'). They may not display as half-letter on iphone but will display properly when read on a computer (i.e. in e-mails).
4. For characters with accent, tap and hold the respective key till the options appear. Some special and rarely used characters are also supported this way.
5. See screenshots for any doubts.
6. To enable go to Settings--> General--> International--> Keyboards and turn on the hindi keyboard (supported on 2.2 only)


  1. Please tell how to use the halant key. Which is that key to enable half letters. As back of A key is not not clear.

  2. The 'halant' key is the very first key in the topmost row (when shift is not enabled), see the topmost screenshot. Writing 'halant' after any letter will make it a half-letter. Unfortunately iphone doesnt support advanced rendering of fonts and you will see it only as a letter with halant on your iphone but if you send it in an e-mail and read that on a computer, it will show up properly.

  3. Dear Varun,
    Apple Store is providing a fairly bad application "Hindi Email Keyboard". Can you copy their keyboard layout. That is the most popullar and scientific one with just one issue of 'Chhotee ee ि kee Matra'. That is what, that if you want to type िसतार then you have to first click this Matra in your as well as their keyboard layout where as in majority of the good fonts you have to first type स then ि. This will automatically make िस. This is what is needed ultimately!
    Just give a thought and try! You can certainly do it with little efforts.
    Your's application is much useful and versatile! Their's fairly bad or even worst.
    Best of luck in all your endeviours!
    Mukesh Kumar Singh

  4. Hi Varun, Is your Hindi keyboard supported in 3.0 for 3gs model too? I have a jailbroken 3gs runningon 3.0 OS and also have your application, which is enabled in settings, but I am not able to bring up the hindi keyboard at all. Please email me at if you have a response on this. -- thanks

  5. Hi Varun,
    I am also facing the same problem as Gaurav, not able to bring up the Hindi Keyboard on FW 3.0, Is there any way to use the Hindi Keyboard on FW 3.0?
    Thanks for the application..

  6. hi,varun i have a 3gs also and it doesnt work any updates for the punjabi keyboard.thanks.rob

  7. hi varun
    am trying to build a foreign language keyboard for iphone but in a bit differnt way .... can u please help me where to start for this ...

    thank you

  8. Hi Varun,

    Thanks for these tips, they really helped. Quick question, how do you write Shree on the iphone? I can't find the Shr on the keyboard.

  9. Gha+halant does not produce half gha !! suggestions ??